Christopher Sawyer, AFO-I, AEA

Christopher J. Sawyer has been passionate about water since he was on the swim team at the age of six and in the aquatics business since he was of working age. He started out as a lifeguard at the YMCA, then a swimming instructor, next a pool technician, and finally, a swimming pool manager. He pursued his International Business Degree with the intention of starting his own swimming pool maintenance business, however on graduation in 2011, he decided to accept a position at the National Swimming Pool Foundation providing support and solving swimming pool problems from pool operators nationwide. He was certified as an AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional in 2013. He taught popular Aqua Cardio and Aqua Pilates classes at Villa Sport, one of Colorado’s largest indoor waterpark and swimming facilities. In 2015 he acted as director of SunWater Spa’s Aquatic Wellness program leading a successful AquaStretch practice. His unique understanding of hands-on aquatics and scientific water chemistry knowledge brought him to the National Recreation and Park Association in 2015 to become an instructor of the Aquatic Facility Operator course. The AFO course provides a comprehensive understanding of how to maintain a healthy swimming environment. His perspective is of someone who has spent eight hours a day in the water for many years. He will teach you how to identify and maintain healthy water for your aquatic practice. This type of knowledge is invaluable to those who practice regularly in the aquatic arts.