How to Start Up Your Hot Tub – The Easy Way

Maybe you are digging your way out of winter or maybe you’ve just purchased a hot tub and are learning to start it up for the first time. Regardless, here is how to start up your hot tub the easy way. A few tricks from a professional can help you save time and money.


Step One: Remove side panels and check all your pipe connections below the tub and make sure the pipes are fit against one another with the fasteners tightened up firmly to the connection threads. Often times in cold climates operators will open these pipes up when winterizing the tub to prevent water from freezing inside, so be sure to check it before you start filling or you will have water pooling around the base of the tub.   After you are sure the pipes are connected move on to step two.


Step Two: Use a self-priming drop pump inside the tub at the lowest gravity point. You can get these from Home Depot or Lowes for under $100 and they are worth their weight in gold. Connect the drop pump to a hose. Make sure the hose is outputting to a place you don’t mind dumping water, such as a drain or drainage ditch. This pump is going to act much like the pump the dentist uses in your mouth to clean your teeth. It allows your to spray debris out of tough to reach places and get rid of it easily.


Step Three: Use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to spray inside the tub, and use a rag to wipe down the inside of the tub. In some cases you may have to use some solvent to disolve the dirt and that is to be expected.

Step Four: Plug in your drop pump as soon as you have sprayed the tub out. Keep spraying and scrubbing the tub until you are happy that the tub is clean. You may also move the pump to different areas of the tub to use it as a vacuum. You don’t however want the pump to run dry as that will destroy your pump if you let it run dry too long, so make sure you keep it in the water.

Step Five: Fill the tub to the fill line and balance the water- this may take and hour or two. After the fill, test the water first with your test kit and begin balancing the water. Place the filter and turn on the electic switch. Begin to balance with the water circulating. Start with Alkalinity-> 80-120ppm. Next Calcium Hardness -> 150-200. Usually oxidizer and chlorine or bromine will need to be added next. Be sure to check the levels regularly and follow the manufacturers guidelines regarding the correct levels for your specific hot tub. Some consumer hot tubs don’t even use chemical oxidizers, but rather electronic oxidizers, some also use saline generation technology so read your manual and follow the instructions.



Follow those five easy steps and your hot tub should be ready for good times. Let me know if you have questions or comments.


Spraying out hot tub with drop pump.

Hot tub, balance, clean

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